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Dakota is a successful Christian entrepreneur, sales trainer, and real estate investor. He is known for his exceptional business skills and has made a name for himself as a millionaire business owner. Despite growing up in a very poor background and being in foster care, Dakota has overcome all obstacles and has achieved incredible success in his life.Dakota’s passion for sales and entrepreneurship started at a young age, and he has since dedicated his life to mastering these skills. He is a respected sales trainer and has helped many individuals and businesses to achieve success through his innovative techniques.

Apart from his work in sales, Dakota is also an accomplished real estate investor. He has made numerous investments in the real estate industry, which has helped him build his wealth and establish himself as a leading figure in the industry. Despite his many achievements, Dakota remains grounded in his faith as a Christian. He credits his success to his faith and has used his success to make a positive impact on the lives of others. He is a true inspiration to many, and his story serves as a reminder that with hard work, determination, and faith, anything is possible.


LTD Property Group

After graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, and completing a term of service as a Team Leader in Americorps NCCC, Tony started his professional life. Tony struggled to find something meaningful with a compelling future, having 14 different jobs between age 22 and 29. Tony started LTD Property Group LLC, a real estate investing company in 2018 with his best friend Dakota. When the business started to do well, Dakota told Tony he should quit job hopping and start working full time in the business. Tony started working full time and eventually Dakota left his job as a successful car salesman to joining the company as well.

Tony and Dakota scaled their business exponentially over the following years.They now have over 60 rental properties with nearly $4 million in equity. The business buys around 10 to 15 houses per month to flip or wholesale. When Tony isn’t working on the business, he’s working out at the gym, spending time with his daughter, spending time with friends and family, or headed off to a personal development seminar. Tony is known for his impersonations and animated storytelling. Tony also helps people release trauma and baggage using neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and mental emotional release (MER).


LTD Property Group

Andrew Eytcheson is an Acquisitions Manager for LTD Property Group. Andrew was born in Goshen Indiana, but he spent most of his time growing up in Albion. Andrew grew up racing dirt bikes and playing sports. He always enjoyed competition and pursuing his passions. Andrew decided college wasn’t for him. He didn’t want to subscribe to a normal 9 to 5 life with a humble retirement at 65.

Andrew Enjoys personal development, success psychology, and growth. He strived to level up in every area of his life so that he can show others what is possible.Andrew believes in helping people, creating win-win solutions, demonstrating ethical practices, and displaying transparency.


LTD Property Group

Luis is an acquisitions manager for LTD Property Group. Luis grew up in Gainesville GA. Luis moved to Fort Wayne when he was 13. Luis started his professional career as an electrician. At age 19, Luis boldly proclaimed he was getting into real estate investing full time. After a bumpy start, Luis found some success and eventually started working as an acquisitions manager for Middle America Homes.

In December of 2022, Luis made the switch over to LTD Property Group. When Luis isn’t going on house appointments and following up with sellers, he enjoys yoga, skateboarding, working out, and hiking.


LTD Property Group

Christian was raised in Kendallville, Indiana and he has lived there for over 15 years. He went to school at Grace College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Biblical Studies. He reached out to Dakota, looking for an opportunity to start off his professional life somewhere fun and exciting.

Dakota offered Christian a job at LTD property Group as an administrative assistant. Christian has been with LTD for over a year now and he has loved every minute of it. Christian is excited to soon be marrying his fiancée, Sophia.


LTD Property Group

Connor is the Project Manager for LTD Property Group. Before he started at LTD, Connor worked in various positions for Scot Ind. In College, Connor studied Mathematics and Physics.

Connor wrestled for the Wabash College Little Giants. Away from work, Connor enjoys being outdoors and adventuring. A fun fact about Connor is at the age of 25 he had a total hip replacement. Connor is happily married to his wife Alicia.


LTD Property Group

Cody is a social media manager and videographer for LTD Property Group and the Fort Wayne REIA. Cody spent a lot of his professional career in manufacturing and car sales, however he also had a knack for buying and flipping items online. Dakota noticed how Cody would create and post entertaining flip videos on Instagram and thought Cody would be an excellent addition to the team.

Cody enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. He has a wife, three children, and two dogs. He loves camping, hiking, and just being in nature. He hopes to travel more in the near future. Cody is still growing and learning every day. He has been leaning into his faith more and pursuing personal development. Cody is thankful for the journey so far, and he is looking forward to what is yet to come.


LTD Property Group

Raylene Webb is an Executive Assistant with LTD Property Group and the event coordinator for the Fort Wayne REIA. Raylene is also a full-time licensed Real Estate Agent. Prior to joining the LTD Team, Raylene gained extensive experience in software support and development.

During her 20+ years in the software environment, she was able to advance from entry level support to working her way into the COO position. This gave Raylene the opportunity to grow in her technical skills and build on her project management abilities while fine tuning her management skills. Raylene has called Fort Wayne home for 22 years. She loves spending time with her two daughters and husband along with their pets Odie the Boxer and Oreo the Tuxedo Kitty.


LTD Property Group

Ryan is an Administrative Assistant and Transaction Coordinator for LTD Property Group. When Ryan isn’t working hard at the office, he is busy flipping clothes and merchandise as well as furnishing and staging short term rentals and AirBNB’s.

Ryan enjoys athletics, personal development, long walks, deep conversations, and offensive music. Ryan loves the autonomy and freedom that comes with working for LTD. As a Fort Wayne native, Ryan aspires to make a difference and improve Fort Wayne!

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