My husband and I recently sold our home of 25 years to LTD Property Group and it was a wonderful experience. They viewed our home within hours of contacting them, explained the process and were very fair with their offer. They are professional, courteous and great to work with. Even amidst the pandemic we had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend working with this bright team of gentlemen if you are interested in buying or selling. You will not be disappointed!

– Julie Parrett

Home Owner

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About LTD Property Group

About LTD Property Group

2 Local Guys in the Fort Wayne Area Growing an Honest Business with Integrity!

LTD Property Group was formed in March of 2018 by Logan Kimmell, Tony Moore, and Dakota Bailey. Logan noticed that Dakota had been doing well in car sales. Logan asked Dakota if he had ever thought of flipping houses. Funny enough, Dakota had been reading books, listening to podcasts, and attending seminars on real estate for about 3 years by the time Logan first asked him. Logan asked Dakota to meet up and discuss forming a real estate investment company. Dakota insisted that they also invite his friend Tony to the meeting. Tony had been researching real estate even longer than Dakota had been.

The trio got together at Dakota’s house and discussed forming the company.

The first year of business was slow. Logan, Tony, and Dakota were all working full time jobs. They struggled to find properties for good deals. The first year the trio flipped one house and kept 3 rental properties. Dakota fronted a lot of the money as a private money lender until the trio could find financing.

At some point Logan started to stream Fortnite and make some decent money as a Facebook Gaming Partner. Logan turned his side hustle into his main job and went full time into gaming.

As Logan became more successful in gaming, he had less time for LTD Property Group.

Tony and Dakota bought out Logan’s share of the company.

Over the years, the company started to grow.

Big moments for the growth of the company were when Tony went full time in the business. Another was when Dakota left his job and went full time into the business. Buying an office space in downtown Fort Wayne and hiring assistants was an important step. Another factor that led to exponential growth was hiring marketing and sales team members.

Today, LTD has over 8 team members who regularly work in the office as well as interns, property management companies, virtual assistants, and more.

LTD Property Group used to buy 4 houses a year, and now, in 2023, LTD Property Group buys around 20 houses per month.

Tony and Dakota vowed to teach others how to get started in real estate if they ever created a thriving business and so they run a free monthly real estate investor’s association meeting where they network and give back to the community.

Tony and Dakota also regularly create social media content, run a podcast, and speak at events.

LTD Property Group mainly focuses on serving Allen, Noble, Dekalb, Whitley, Wells, Huntington, Steuben, and Kosciusko counties.

LTD specializes in buying properties cash, as-is, with no appraisal and no inspection.

LTD can usually close on a property in around two weeks.

LTD Property Group allows sellers to take what they want and leave what they don’t.

LTD will takeover properties with non-paying tenants.

LTD also specializes in negotiating liens, mortgage foreclosure properties, probate properties, and more.

LTD Property Group has become one of the biggest real estate buyers in the area.

Tony and Dakota also partner with private money lenders and investors to make sure they have enough money to buy almost any property.

Meet Our Team Of Housing Experts

Today, LTD has over 8 team members who regularly work in the office as well as interns, property management companies, virtual assistants, and more. LTD Property Group used to buy 4 houses a year, and now, in 2023, LTD Property Group buys around 20 houses per month.

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How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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